About Us

Over the years Onelink has developed and expanded their business to a company that can give a total package of design and construction. With the management/ownership having over 62 years experience, we have a pro-active approach and commitment to innovative options when quoting and tendering from lawn maintenance through to home and civil construction.


Onelink is total project solutions
With many years in the industry we have discovered that simplicity is the key. We offer all our clients a distinctly unique package that others simply can not deliver. We are able to manage any project from start to finish, this gives all our clients piece of mind knowing that there project is being managed by professionals to the highest of quality.


At OneLink, we pride ourselves on our ability to find solutions for the most complex facilities and project management problems, and yet at the same time keeping the cost to a minimum. We work to the timescales set by our clients – and of course, to their budgets. Our preventative maintenance programs are designed to anticipate when your property requires attention. This is initially done with each client whereby it is agreed on what is required and at what timeframe their property requires a “Service.” In this way we minimise the property maintenance cost which are spread over the 12 months or a set timeframe.